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Squid Game: ALL Foods EXPLAINED + RECIPES [오징어게임] 모든 레시피 Doshirak, Poggi, Dalgona, 도시락 , 뽑기, 달고나

Updated: Jan 14

Want to learn about all the foods from Squid Game drama? Well, you came to the right place today. In today's video, I will explain all the Korean dishes and snacks from Squid Game (season 1). I share lots of important cultural context for each of these Korean dishes and snacks. I also share the AUTHENTIC Korean recipes so you can enjoy these delicious dishes and snacks at home!

For example, Dalgona candy is NOT the proper name for this sugar candy. Watch the video above @ 27:27 for more on Dalgona vs. Sugar Poggi 설탕 뽑기 ("SheolTang PphobGhee").

Also, you don't need to use a ladle to make this sugar candy. I share easy tips on making this classic sugar candy at home, using your frying pan.

🇰🇷오징어게임 드라마의 모든 레시피 여러분과 영어로 함께하겠습니다.





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Time Codes Squid Game Recipe Video/오징어게임의 모든 레시피 동영상 타임 스탬프

🦑 Intro/인사말 00:00

🦑 Squid Game Episode #1 01:41

Soybean sprouts soup (KongNaMulGuk 콩나물국)

Spicy Rice Cakes (TteokBokki 떡볶이)

Grilled Mackeral (GoDuengUhGuYee 고등어구이)

🦑 Squid Game Episode #2 08:07

Cup Ramen Hack (컵라면 해킹)

Instant Coffee (다방커피)

Ice-pops (쭈쭈바)

Dried Ramen & Soju (생라면 & 소주)

🦑 Squid Game Episode #316:28


Soy Sauce Black Beans Side Dish (KongJaBan 콩자반)

Stir Fried Anchovy Side Dish (MyeolChiBokkeum 멸치볶음)

Korean Pastry: Gombo/Soboro Ppang (곰보빵/소보로빵)

Poggi/"SheolTang PphobGhee" 설탕 뽑기 (aka dalogna/달고나, honeycomb candy, sugar candy). ⬇️Includes Peanut Crumb Sugar Candy and Lollipop Sugar Candy Recipes⬇️ Written Sugar Candy Recipe:

🦑 Squid Game Episode #432:23

Hard Boiled Eggs & Chilsung Soda 삶은 계란 & 칠성 사이다

🦑 Squid Game Episode #5 34:00

Korean Corn On The Cob (ChalOakSuSu 찰 옥수수)

🦑 Squid Game Episode #635:47

No Food (음식 없음)

🦑 Squid Game Episode #736:00

Steamed Potato (JjinGhamJa 찐감자)

🦑 Squid Game Episode #8 38:28

Bone-In Rib Eye Steak (립아이 스테이크)

SsamJang (Lettuce Wrap condiment)

Shin Cup Ramen

Korean Instant Coffee: Maxim

Korean Instant Coffee Sampler

SamYang Ramen

Black Green Kernal Beans

Dashima/Dried Sea Kelp

Jin Soy Sauce

Guk Soy Sauce

Want to learn about Jin and Guk soy sauces ➡️WATCH Korean Grocery Shopping: MUST-HAVE Korean Seasonings

Pure Honey

Brown Sugar

Dried Anchovy

Doshirak Aluminum Box

Poggi/Dalgona Candy Molds

Korean Pancake/Hotteok Presser

Baker's Scraper

Disposable Chopsticks

Granulated Sugar

Baking Soda

Heavy bottom frying pans

Stove Top Pressure Cooker

Red Spatula

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➡️Recipe Links/레시피 링크

🌱Soybean sprouts soup (KongNaMulGuk 콩나물국)

🌶Spicy Rice Cakes EASY 7 MINS Tteokbokki Recipe (초간단 7분 떡볶이)

Korean Royal Court Stir Fried Rice Cakes (Gungjung-tteokbokki: 궁중떡볶이) w Bulgogi 불고기 NON-SPICY Tteokbokki

Ramen (RaBokki 라떡볶이) + Tteokbokki Fried Rice (떡볶이 볶음밥)

SPICY CHEESE Rice Cake Tteokbokki Recipe (치즈떡볶이)

🌱Scallion Salad (PaMuChim) Recipe⬇️: Korean BBQ (Soegogigui 쇠고기구이) How To Lettuce Wrap Ssam 쌈

🍜Korean Ramyun Recipe + 2 Broth Hacks (4 MINUTE Gourmet Ramen) 4분만에 라면 맛있게 끓이는 법 + 라면국물 2종 꿀팁 + 떡만두라면

Jjapaguri aka [Ram-Don] from Parasite movie🌶SPICY Jajangmyeon/Black Bean Noodles Ramen [기생충 영화] 짜파구리

Korean Ramen Review + Non-Spicy & KIMCHI SHIN Ramyun Recipes [라면 맛있게 끓이는 방법: 안매운라면+ 김치라면 꿀팁] Ramyeon

Korean White Rice [How To Make Perfect Rice Every Time] COMPLETE TUTORIAL 🇰🇷촉촉한 맛있는 밥짓는방법, 누룽지 만들기 ⬇️How To Make Crunchy Scorched Rice/NuRungGee

Korean BBQ 🥩 Steak Bites


🍳Korean Steamed Egg Recipe Gyeran Jjim 계란찜

🍠 Sweet Potato Snack (GoGuMa 고구마)

☕️🍨Coffee Bingsu: Korean Shaved Ice Dessert

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