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Ahjunma: Korean for "Housewife"

No, you don't have to be Korean, married, divorced, in a relationship, of certain age, or a parent to be considered as an Ahjunma (for men: Ahjucee).  I say, Ahjunmahood is an attitude and a mind set to live by:  Learning to let go of the things that are beyond your control (I know, this is super hard to do!), showing yourself compassion (even when it is just easier to be hard on yourself), and more importantly, not worrying about what others think of you and living life to find moments of laughter with friends and family. 

So lets cook, laugh, and commiserate together!

about me

1.5 Generation Korean-American

Native New Yorker living in San Francisco

MOM of 3 boys

MARRIED to a dude from Philly

COME from a family of Korean chefs and restaurateurs

ALWAYS wishing I had more time

FIGHTING the good fight every month coloring my greys 

LEARNING to embrace my ahjunmahood 1 wrinkle at a time

COCKTAIL & giggle time with girlfriends..a MUST for survival!

HEART Korean cuisines (comfort foods to fresh fish fillets)

VORACIOUS appetite for all yummy foods

PURE joy making yummy food, minus the fuss

WISH to share the JOY and FUN of making yummy food w YOU

K-POP diva Ailee super fan (homegirl from Jersey!)

FASHION muses: Cate Blanchett, Keri Russell & the one and only Kate Moss.

DREAM vacay: Wknd trip w NPH (yes, Neil Patrick Harris) 

and my muse Andy Cohen.  NPH & Andy, call me...:-)

DARLING Count Olaf, Forget Esme! Call me...😉😘😎

Let's cook more Korean food together! 
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