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Kimchi Making Questions ANSWERED! YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS Kimchi Making Q & A Tutorial

Discover the ultimate kimchi making questions answered tutorial. Find all your answers in this Q&A session with expert tips for homemade kimchi! From essential ingredients to fermentation, we've got you covered!

If you are making kimchi at home, you probably have a long list of questions about the kimchi making process and how to store and ferment your kimchi. Today, I'm going to do my best to provide answers to so many of your EXCELLENT questions regarding homemade kimchi.

CLICK on the blue timestamp below for each Kimchi topic

00:00​​​​​​​​​​​​ Introduction 오프닝/인삿말

01:47 Napa Cabbage BaeChu 배추 & Substitution

02:35 Salt Brining

02:57 Why can't I use table salt?

03:56 Fish Sauce & Salt Fermented Shrimp 멸치액젓 & 새우젓

05:01 Vegan Kimchi

05:41 Korean Red Pepper Flakes GoChuGaRu 고춧가루

07:01 Can I use GoChuJang? NO!

07:20 Why does my kimchi look brownish?

08:39 Sugar or Plum Syrup MaeSilChung 매실청

09:26 MUST-HAVE Vegetable: Korean Radish & Substiution

10:40 Korean pear substitution

10:59 Starch Gravy Pul 풀

11:48 Upgrade Options

12:48 Kimchi Storage & Fermentation

16:10 What is KimJang 김장?

17:17 Do I need to burp my kimchi container?

18:50 Why is there brownish goop on the wall of my container?

19:49 Ingredients that Koreans NEVER use to make Kimchi with

20:17 Can I freeze my Kimchi paste?

20:27 Can I use the leftover kimchi juice to make more kimchi with?

21:27 Kimchi is 100% Uniquely KOREAN

🦐Homemade Salt Fermented Shrimp For Kimchi Recipe: EASY Salted Shrimp Recipe 새우젓 레시피 Saewoojeot

🥬🌱VEGAN KIMCHI recipe you have been searching for + VEGAN Fish Sauce | EASY SMALL BATCH KIMCHI Recipe

🌶Korean red pepper botanical name: Capsicum Annuum

🛍🛒Shop more Korean ingredients


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