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SECRET to making LESS Spicy AUTHENTIC Kimchi with ADDICTIVE Kimchi Juice! SMALL BATCH Kimchi Recipe

Updated: Jan 14

Discover a less spicy authentic Kimchi recipe with addictive kimchi juice! This small batch recipe uses the sweetest part of Napa Cabbage leaves. Try this small batch recipe to satisfy your kimchi cravings!

Less spicy kimchi recipe using the sweetest part of the Napa Cabbage leaves, with liquidy kimchi paste sauce. This kimchi juice is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, that once it hits-da-lips, you-can't-stop😋.

AalBaeChu Kimchi 알배추 김치:

Aal BaeChu 알배추 = Napa Cabbage's inner core yellow leaves

Kimchi 김치


1 Kilogram Napa Cabbage (yellow leaves only) 알배추

225 Grams Korean Radish 무

½ Cup 컵 Coarse Sea Salt 천일염

1 Cup 컵 Warm Water 따뜻한 물

Kimchi Paste Sauce 여름 김치양념장:

140 Grams Potatoes Steamed, Baked or Boiled 찐감자

½ Medium 중사이즈 Onion 양파

½ Medium 중사이즈 Sweet Apple 사과

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Salt Fermented Shrimp 새우젓

2.5 Cups 컵 Cold Water 찬물

1/2 Tablespoon 큰술 Coarse Sea Salt 천일염

4 Red Serrano Peppers 홍고추

2 Tablespoons 큰술 Korean Red Pepper, Coarse 고춧가루

2 Tablespoons 큰술 Plum Extract Syrup 매실청

2 Tablespoons 큰술 Fish Sauce 멸치액젓

2 Scallions 쪽파

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CLICK ON the blue timestamp for recipe demonstration

Chapter Timestamp 챕터 시간 코드

00:00 Introduction 인삿말

01:02 Napa Cabbage Prep 알배추 손질법

04:03 Salt Brining 알배추 절이는 법

08:44 Kimchi Paste Sauce 여름 김치양념 만드는법

12:37 Critical Kimchi Fermentation Info 김치 맛있게 익히기

15:30 Kimchi Eating/MukBang/먹방

I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please take a photo of your Napa Cabbage Kimchi when you make it, post it on your social media, and TAG  @ModernPepper  


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