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KIMCHI Dumpling Recipe🥟🌶 King-Size Over-Stuffed Kimchi Mandu | Dumpling FOOD-HEAVEN😇 만두 전문집 김치만두 만들기

COMPLETE Tutorial on HOW TO MAKE KIMCHI DUMPLINGS at home! RESTAURANT-QUALITY Kimchi Dumpling Recipe. 🇰🇷만두 전문집처럼 맛있는 김치만두를 만들어보세요.

Indulge in Korea's ultimate comfort food with this Kimchi Dumpling Mandu recipe. Learn how to make restaurant-quality, over-stuffed kimchi dumplings at home. Plus, must-have dumpling dipping sauce!

🌱Includes Vegan-friendly Kimchi-Dumpling modifications.

🥟Ingredients 재료

Yield: 4 Dozen Dumplings 만두 48개

🌶Kimchi Dumpling Stuffing 김치만두 속:

2 Cups 컵 Extra-Fermented Kimchi Shin-Kimchi 신김치

8 oz Extra-Firm Tofu 부침용 두부

½ Cup 컵 Korean Bread Crumbs 빵가루

3 Scallions Minced 다진 쪽파

6 - 8 Sprigs Garlic Chives 부추

½ Small Onion 작은 양파

2 Big Pinches Salt 소금 큰 2꼬집

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Sesame Seed Salt 깨소금

(If you have sesame seeds, you can easily make sesame seed salt)

2 Tablespoons 큰술 Brown Sugar 흑설탕

2 Tablespoons 큰술 Fine Gochugaru 고운 고춧가루

2 Tablespoons 큰술 Sesame Oil 참기름

1 Tablespoon 큰술 쇠고기 다시다 Beef Dashida

(🌱Vegan/비건 YonDu 연두)

1 Egg 달걀

(🌱Vegan/비건 1 Tablespoon큰술 Corn/Potato Starch 옥수수 또는 감자 전분)

150 Grams DangMyun Noodles/Sweet Potato Starch Noodles (aka glass noodles) 당면

3 Cups 컵 Hot Water 뜨거운 물 (for soaking DangMyun Noodles)

3 Cups 컵 Cold Water 찬물 (for soaking DangMyun Noodles)

320 Grams Ground Pork 돼지고기 (🌱Vegan/비건 Plant based ground meat)

3 Tablespoons 큰술 Extra Fermented Kimchi Liquid 신김치국물

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Soy Sauce 양조간장

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Minced Garlic 다진 마늘

2 Big Pinches Salt 소금 큰 2꼬집

4 Dozen King-Size Dumpling Wrappers 찹쌀 왕 만두피 48개

ChapSsal ManDuPi 찹쌀 만두피 = Sweet Glutinous + Flour Dumpling Wrapper Make Korean Dumpling Wrapper from scratch: SMALL BATCH RECIPE + COLORED DUMPLING DOUGH 찹쌀만두피

🥟Dumpling Dipping Sauce 만두 찍어 먹는 간장양념

2 Tablespoons 큰술 Cold Water 찬물

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Soy Sauce 양조간장

½ Tablespoon 큰술 Apple Vinegar 식초

Light Drizzle Sesame Oil 참기름

Sesame Seed Salt 깨소금

🥟CLICK on the blue timestamp for recipe demonstration

Chapter Timestamp 챕터 시간 코드

0:00 Introduction 인삿말

01:03 Ingredient Prep 김치만두 재료

08:05 Dumpling Wrappers & Shaping 만두피 + 만두빚기

10:57 How To Steam Fresh Dumplings 찐만두 찌는법

12:47 Dumpling Dipping Sauce 만두찍어먹는간장

13:36 How To Freeze Dumplings 만두 얼리는 방법

15:45 How To Steam Frozen Dumplings 냉동 만두 찌는법

16:46 Kimchi Dumpling Tasting/Mukbang 김치만두 맛보기/먹방

I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please take a photo of your Kimchi Dumplings when you make them, posted it on your social media, and TAG @ModernPepper 



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