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Learn how to make ADDICTIVE Mini-Kimbap! Easy and Simple Tutorial on rice rolling!멈출 수 없는 꼬마김밥!

Updated: Jan 14

These Mini-Gimbap rolls are SIMPLE & EASY to make than the traditional Gimbap rolls. Mini-Gimbap is known for its Can't-Just-Have-ONE ADDICTIVE TASTE! COMPLETE TUTORIAL On Kimbap Rice Rolling! Anyone can roll Gimbap to perfection, especially these easy Mini-Gimbap rolls. 🇰🇷간단하고 맛있는 꼬마김밥 만들기. 멈출 수 없는 꼬마김밥!

Learn how to make addictive mini-Kimbap with this easy and simple tutorial on rice rolling! Perfect for a delicious Korean rice roll recipe.

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꼬마김밥 KkoMa GimBap

꼬마 KkoMa = Little 김밥

GimBap = Rolled Rice

CLICK on the blue timestamp for recipe demonstration

Chapter Timestamp 챕터 시간 코드

0:00 Introduction 인삿말

01:11 Rice Prep 밥 준비

02:08 GimBap Stuffing Prep 김밥 속재료 준비

07:46 About Seaweed Sheets 김밥김

09:14 Mini GimBap Rolling 꼬마김밥 말기


Makes 16 - 20 Mini-Kimbap rolls

4 to 5 Seaweed Sheets (sushi grade only):

Each sheet cut into 4 equal parts

Rice Prep 밥 준비:

2.5 Cups 컵 Cooked Korean Rice 밥

1 Big Pinch 큰 꼬집 Sesame Seed Salt

Soy Sauce Spam 간장 스팸:

🌱Vegan: Use Smoked or Extra Firm Tofu instead of spam

½ Spam 스팸

1 Teaspoon 작은술 Minced Garlic 다진 마늘

½ Tablespoon 큰술 Soy Sauce (All Purpose or Jin) 양조 또는 진간장

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Water 물

¼ Teaspoon 작은술 Brown Sugar 흑설탕

3 Eggs 달걀

🌱Vegan: Use plant based egg

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Oil 식용유

1 Small Pinch 작은 꼬집 Salt 소금

½ Small Pinch 작은 꼬집 Black Pepper 후추

1 Medium-Size Carrot (Julienned) 중간 크기의 채 썬 당근

1 Big Pinch 큰 꼬집 Salt 소금

1 Small Pinch 작은 꼬집 Black Pepper 후추

Yellow Pickled Radish = DanMuJi 단무지 (aka NoRanMu 노란무)

1 Thin strip per roll If you can't get this yellow pickled radish, use these homemade cucumber pickles⬇️

ADDICTIVE QUICK & EASY Korean Cucumber Pickle Recipe! Refreshing Crunchy & Perfect w any meal🇰🇷오이장아찌

I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please take a photo of your Mini-GimBap when you make it, post it on your social media, and TAG @ModernPepper

⬇️Pick and Choose your stuffings for Gimbap: ⬇️


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