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Korean Mackerel +Lettuce Wrap [EASY Fish Recipe]+ How To Fillet Fish [고등어구이] 맛있는 고갈비+쌈밥 GoDeungEoGui

Updated: Jan 14

This pan-grilled Mackerel is one of the simplest fish recipe that you can make at home. Don't let its simplicity fool you into thinking that this is just another basic boring fish dish. This Korean mackerel dish (고등어구이 GoDeungUhGuYee) is a classic that is beloved by Koreans for its tender and meaty taste, hence the nickname, GoGalbi (고갈비). Just as you would with Korean BBQ beef and pork, we, Koreans, enjoy this pan-grilled mackerel with lettuce wrap (쌈밥 SsamBap). This GoGalBi SsamBabp (고갈비 쌈밥) is full of so many flavors with Korean rice, SsamJang condiment, and scallion salad, all wrapped up in crunchy lettuce😋. This simple mackerel dish is also simply divine even with just warm Korean rice and kimchi: This combination is a true party in your mouth! If you never had this pan-grilled mackerel with rice and kimchi, you are totally missing out. So, don't miss out. Make this EASY mackerel fish dish at home and enjoy.

🇰🇷 [건강에 좋은 고등어 맛있게 굽는 법] + 고갈비 쌈밥 {고등어구이 꿀팁)

Video Recipe Timecodes/유튜브 영상 레시피 시간 코드

00:00​​​​​​​​​​​​ Introduction 오프닝/인삿말

01:15 Mackerel Shopping TIP/싱싱한 생물고등어 쇼핑 꿀팁

01:45 How To Butterfly-Fillet Mackerel Fish/고등어 손질 방법

03:00 How To Grill/Pan-Fry Mackerel/고등어구이 맛있게 굽는 요리 시작

04:25 How To Avoid Rancid Fish Odor When Cooking Fish/심한 비린내없이 고등어 굽기

05:35 Delicious Mackerel with Korean Rice & Kimchi/김치와 밥을 곁들인 간단한 고등어구이

06:20 How To Make Korean Lettuce Wrap (SsamBap)/맛있는 고갈비쌈밥 만들기

Below you'll find the following:

Ingredient List

Korean ingredient and suggested product links

Recipe Instruction

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Please take a photo of your Korean mackerel and SsamBap/lettuce wrap when you make them, posted it on your social media, and TAG @ModernPepper.



1 Fresh whole mackerel fish/ 싱싱한 생물고등어

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Extra Virgin Olive Oil/엑스트라 버진 올리브 오일

2 Pinch Salt 소금 꼬집

1 Small pinch freshly ground black pepper/후추 꼬집

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SsamJang/쌈장 (Korean Lettuce Wrap Condiment)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil/엑스트라 버진 올리브 오일

Peppercorns/말린 후추 열매

Himalayan Salt & Peppercorns/히말라야 소금 & 말린 후추 열매

Wood Peppermill Grinder/나무 후추 분쇄기

Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set /소금 & 후추 분쇄기

Professional Non-Stick Fry Pans 12-inch/프라이팬

Designer Non-Stick Fry Pans/명품 프라이팬

Kitchen Shears/요리 가위

Carving Knife 9"/명품 고기 베는 칼

Step One

Make sure to buy a whole mackerel fish. Chances are, if you are buying a pre-filleted mackerel fish, especially from a Korean market, it will be heavy salted. When the mackerel is heavily salted, it ruins that natural sweet, tender and meaty taste of the fish. You can also use frozen whole mackerel. Just make sure to thaw it out overnight in the fridge. Do not defrost your frozen mackerel fish in the microwave (it ruins the texture of the fish meat).

Step Two

How To Butterfly-Fillet Mackerel Fish/고등어 손질 방법

Please watch 01:45 of the video recipe for How To Butterfly-Fillet (CLICK HERE) demonstration. If you don't want to fillet the fish yourself, ask your fishmonger to butterfly-fillet the fish, and keep the bone-in on the flesh.

Step Three

After you rinse the mackerel under running cold water, make sure to pat if dry using a paper towel. Lightly sprinkle the flesh part of the fish with two pinches of salt and one pinch of ground black pepper (ten turns on the pepper mill).

Step Four

Using a large non-stick frying pan, preheat it for 60 - 90 seconds on high heat. Then lower the stove heat to medium-high. Add 1 tablespoon of oil to the pan. Place the fish down with the flesh part facing down. Move the pan around slowly to redistribute the frying oil around the fish.

Now, if you don't hear that sizzling sound with thee fish hits the frying pan, this means that your frying pan was not preheated. It is important to preheat your frying pan so that it creates a nice sear on the fish. Loosely cover the frying pan with foil. Leave the stove heat at medium-high and let it cook for 2 minutes or until golden brown marks are on the flesh of the fish.

TIP: Don't touch or lift the fish for 2 minutes straight. You want to create that nice golden brown mark on the flesh, and when you lift the fish during these two minutes, you are taking away the heat that is necessary to create that golden brown mark.

Once you see the golden brown mark on the fish, turn it over gently using your hand (on the skin side that is still somewhat cold to touch), and a large spatula. Move the pan around slowly to redistribute the frying oil around the fish. Loosely cover the frying pan with foil. Continue to leave the stove heat at medium-high and let it cook for 2 minutes or until golden brown marks are on the skin of the fish.

Step Four

Once the skin of the fish has some golden brown marks, transfer the mackerel to a plate immediately. Let it cool down for a few minutes before consuming.

TIP: If you let the cooked fish rest in the frying pan, you are still cooking the fish from the residue of heat from the frying pan, which means you'll end up over cooking the mackerel fish. Mackerel fish is high in healthy oils, and when it gets over cooked, the taste of its natural oils changes for the worse. In general, when you transfer the cooked fish to a plate, you are letting it rest/cool down as it retracts its moisture within. This creates that extra moist buttery taste that we love in cooked fish.

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