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This Spinach soup is DELICIOUS, LIGHT & FILLING - CHEAP HEALTHY Eats 🇰🇷맛있고 깔끔한 시금치된장국

Updated: Jan 14

Indulge in the delicious, light, and filling Korean spinach soybean paste doenjang soup - a perfect breakfast soup or side soup with warm rice.

This Korean spinach soup is a perfect breakfast soup or as a delicious side dish soup with warm rice. 🇰🇷맛있고 쉬운 시금치된장국 만들기. 요즘같은 날씨에 딱! 아침에 든든하게 밥 말아서 드시고 행복한 하루 보내세요🙏

🌱Ingredients 재료

Yield: 3 to 4 Servings

150 Grams Long-Stem Spinach 시금치

8 Cups (2 Liters) Water 물

⅓ Cup 컵 DoenJang 된장

1 Dashi Bag 다시팩

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Minced Garlic 다진 마늘

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Guk Soy Sauce 국간장

¼ Medium-Size Onion 중간 크기 양파

2 Scallions 쪽파 또는 대파

1 Pinch 꼬집 GoChuGaRu 고춧가루

⭐️Alternative to Dashi Pack 다시팩이 없다면:

5 Large Dried Anchovies 다시멸치 + 2 Dried Sea Kelp 다시마


½ Teaspoon 작은술 Salt Fermented Shrimp 새우젓


1 Tablespoon 큰술 YonDu 연두 (🌱Vegan flavor enhancer)

🛍🛒SHOP Korean ingredients and more for today's Spinach Soybean Paste Soup here⬇️

CLICK on the blue timestamp for recipe demonstration

00:00​​​​​​ INTRO 오프닝/인삿말

01:00​​​ Ingredients 재료 준비

03:08  Spinach Soup Making 맛있게 끓이는 방법

06:08  Taste-Test/Eating/MukBang 맛보기/먹방

Spinach Soybean Paste Soup = SheGuemChi DoenJangGuk 시금치된장국

Spinach = SheGeumChi 시금치

Soybean Paste = DoenJang 된장

Soup = Guk 국


I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW...:-) Please take a photo of your Spinach Soybean Paste Soup when you make them, posted it on your social media, and TAG @ModernPepper


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Feb 18

Hot spicy spinach soup, grilled marinated bone in pork chop with mushrooms, and kimchi…Life is Good

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