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Korean Rolled EGG Side Dish Recipe: EASY to FOLLOW on how to PERFECTLY roll GyeranMari 🇰🇷밥도둑 계란말이

SOFT Cushiony Korean EGG Side Dish that anyone can make at home! EASY step-by-step instructions on how to roll the eggs to perfection.

🇰🇷밥도둑 계란말이 만들기. 부드럽고 예쁘게 달걀말이 만드는 비법. 초간단한 달걀말이 레시피입니다.

Anyone can make this DELICIOUS rolled egg Korean side dish GyeranMari recipe with EASY to follow instructions! Learn to make a PERFECT Korean rolled egg side dish Gyeranmari with EASY step-by-step instructions. Elevate your cooking game with this delicious recipe! Perfect egg dish for any meal.

달걀말이 DalGalMalYi

계란말이 GehLanMalYi

⭐️Ingredients 재료

6 Jumbo-Size Eggs 달걀

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Minced Scallion Green-Part Only 파 녹색 부분만

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Finely Minced Carrot 곱게 다진 당근

1/4 Teaspoon 작은술 Salt 소금

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Oil 식용유


1/4 Teaspoon 작은술 Beef Dashida 쇠고기 다시다

Seasoned Seaweed 김

CLICK on blue timestamp for recipe demonstration

0:00 Introduction 인삿말

01:05 Ingredient Prep 재료 준비

02:31 Rolled Egg Making TIP 달걀말이 예쁘게 만드는 비법

09:01 Tasting/Mukbang 맛보기/먹방

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