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ULTIMATE Korean BBQ Salmon in JUICY Cabbage Wrap Recipe! EASY, DELICIOUS & HEALTHY! 맛있는 연어구이 양배추쌈

Updated: Jan 14

Discover the ultimate Korean BBQ salmon recipe! Juicy cabbage wraps filled with delicious salmon, SsamJang, and tangy salad. Healthy and mouthwatering!

Korean cabbage wrap that no one told you about! JUICY blanched cabbage wrap with delicious salmon, SsamJang, and tangy scallion-cucumber salad. SO DELICIOUS and HEALTHY for you!

Indulge in the incredible flavors of this EASY Korean BBQ salmon recipe wrapped in juicy cabbage. Healthy, delicious, and perfect for any occasion!


475 Grams Cabbage 양배추

2 Quart Water (enough boiling water to fill 2/3 of pot)

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Sea Salt 천일염

1.5 lb Salmon 연어

2 Big Pinches 큰꼬집 Sea Salt 천일염

1 Big Pinch 큰꼬집 Black Pepper 후추

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Cooking Oil 식용유

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CLICK ON the blue timestamp for recipe demonstration

Chapter Timestamp

00:00 INTRO 인사말

01:03 Cabbage Prep 양배추 준비

04:23 How to grill salmon 연어 맛있게 굽는 방법

07:03 Cabbage Salmon Wrap 양배추쌈 만들기

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