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SECRET🤫 EASY Beef Bulgogi Recipe: As delicious as Korean BBQ Restaurant Bulgogi | 쉽고 맛있는 불고기

Discover the secret to a delicious Korean BBQ Beef Bulgogi Recipe! Learn how to make an easy and mouthwatering bulgogi marinade at home.

EASY & DELICIOUS Bulgogi marinade that anyone can make at home! Plus, how to pan-grill your Bulgogi to perfection: JUICY & TENDER DELICIOUS Bulgogi, just like Korean BBQ Restaurant Bulgogi +.How to make Korean BBQ Lettuce Wrap!

🇰🇷쉽고 맛있는 쇠고기 불고기.

⭐️Ingredients 재료

Yield: 2 Serving Size 2인분

1.5 LBS (700 Grams) Beef Rib Eye Slices 소고기 등심

½ Medium-Size Onion 중간 크기 양파

½ Cup 컵 Hot Water 뜨거운 물

2 Tablespoons 큰술 Oil 식용유

1/2 Teaspoon 작은술 Beef Dashida 쇠고기 다시다

2 Pinches Salt 소금 2꼬집

Garnish 고명:

Minced Scallions 쪽파

Sesame Seed Salt 깨소금

Bulgogi Marinade 불고기 양념장 만들기

⅓ Cup 컵 All-Purpose Korean Soy Sauce 양조간장

⅓ Cup 컵 Pear Puree 갈은 배

2 Tablespoons 큰술 Sesame Oil 참기름

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Mirim 미림

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Minced Garlic 다진 마늘

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Brown Sugar 흑설탕

¼ Teaspoon 작은술 Black Pepper 후추

1 Scallion Minced 다진 쪽파 또는 대파

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CLICK on the blue timestamp below for recipe demonstration

00:00​​​​​​ INTRO 오프닝/인삿말

01:01  Beef Prep 소고기 등심 준비

01:40  Bulgogi Marinade 불고기 양념장 만들기

05:41  How To Pan-Grill Bulgogi 맛있게 굽는 방법

09:43  Tasting/Eating/MukBang 불고기 먹방

11:40  How To Make Korean BBQ Lettuce Wrap 맛있는 불고기 상추쌈 만들기

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Korean BBQ Scallion Salad/PaMuChim 파무침

Korean BBQ Dipping Sauce/Condiment SsamJang 쌈장

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