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DELICIOUS Korean 🍉Watermelon Punch + Soju Cocktail Recipe! Sweet & Refreshing Watermelon 수박화채 + 소주 칵테일

Updated: Jan 14

Discover the ultimate Korean watermelon recipe! Try this sweet and refreshing watermelon punch with chunks of watermelon + watermelon soda and soju cocktail. 🍉🧊

🍉🧊Sweet and refreshing way to enjoy watermelon: Watermelon punch with chunks of watermelon + Watermelon Soda Drink + Watermelon Soju Cocktail


3 Cups 컵 Watermelon 수박

1 Scoop 스쿱 Vanilla Ice Cream 바닐라 아이스크림

For a sweeter taste 더 달콤한 맛: 7Up 칠성사이다

For less sweet taste 덜 단 맛: Sparkling Water 탄산수

Adjust the amount of the 7Up and sparkling water according to preference

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CLICK ON blue timestamp for recipe demonstration

Chapter Timestamp

00:00 Intro 인삿말

01:01 Watermelon Punch

05:39 Watermelon Soda & Soju Cocktail 수박소다 + 수박 소주칵테일

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