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Coffee Bingsu: Korean Shaved Ice Dessert | NO Ice Shaving Machine Needed! 빙수 w/ Aero Press Coffee

Updated: Jan 14

Today, we are making Coffee Bingsu (커피 빙수). If you are a fan of coffee, and want to learn how to make a coffee dessert, you came to the right place. AND YES, you don't need an ice shaving machine to make Bingsu at home! is my secret recipe so don't tell the others🤫😎😉

Bingsu (빙수) is a classic Korean dessert that consists of a mountain of shaved ice, loaded with a variety of toppings. For more information on Bingsu, please check out my blog BingSu In 4 Ways.

This Coffee Bingsu Recipe Includes:

How to make slushy bingsu ice, without using an ice shaving machine

How to make black coffee ice slush

How to use the AeroPress single-cup coffee maker (AeroPress Inverted Method)

How to make sugar syrup candy decoration for garnishing

Below, you will find:

- Ingredient List

- Links For Ingredients & Suggested Kitchen Gadgets For This Recipe

- Recipe Instruction

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(Serving Size: 1 - 2 Adults - 2 cups of shaved ice, plus toppings)

To Make The Shaved Ice:

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup milk

1 Cup ice cubes

1 Scoop vanilla ice cream

1/4 Tsp vanilla extract

To Make The Black Coffee Slush

10 oz Black Coffee (room temperature)

To Make The Sugar Syrup Decoration

1/2 Cup granulated white sugar

1/4 Cup water

1 Scoop Coffee Ice Cream

Fresh mint leaves and espresso beans for garnishing Links For Ingredients & Suggested Kitchen Gadgets

(CLICK on the links below to view the item, NOT the pictures!)

Perfect For BingSu Glass Bowls

12 Ounce Glass Ice Cream Cups- Glass Dessert Bowls - Set of 4 Trifle/Fruit/Salad cocktail glass,Solid Glass Color (Blue)

Renaissance Ice Cream Bowls, Set of 4

Wooden Spoons

All-Clad 4108 Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Fry Pan / Cookware, 8-Inch, Silver

VitaMix 5200 Blender Professional Grade (64 oz Container)

AeroPress Single Cup Coffee Maker

Metal Mesh Filter

KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinder

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Illy Coffee Whole Bean Arabica Ethiopia - 8.8oz

by Illy

Hario V60 Buono Drip Kettle

Stove Top Gooseneck TeaKettle W Thermometer

Digital Scale

Coffee Brush

Marble Rolling Pin and Base (To smooth out the iced slushy BingSu)

FSC Certified Parchment Baking Paper


To Make The Ice Slush:

Add water, milk, vanilla extract, and ice cream to a blender. Let it run on low speed for 10 to 15 seconds. (Make sure to remove the inner core blender lid and cover with a kitchen towel to prevent spillage.) Slowly add the ice cubes, one at a time, to the blender (depending on your blender power, you might need to set the blender to a high speed setting).

*Pour the liquid into a Ziplock bag. Holding the bag upright, place your fingers on top of where the liquid ends, and gently press out any air inside the bag. Seal the bag firmly. Using a flat tray or a small baking sheet, lay down the bag flat, and fold over the 1/4 of the top portion of the bag. (As shown in the video.)

Place the tray with the bag, laying down, in your freezer. Depending on how powerful your freezer is, it may take any where from 15 minutes to 30 minutes for the liquid to become slushy/semi-solid. Keep an eye on it. You do not want the liquid to be frozen rock hard.

You want the liquid to be slushy texture.

Once the liquid has turned into slushy texture, using a rolling pin, gently press and roll over the bag of slush. This is to even out any lumps.

(If the liquid is frozen solid, then thaw it out for 5 minutes. Then use the rolling pin to even it out into slushy texture.)

**Turn over the bag. Holding one bottom corner of the bag, use scissors to cut off the corner. Turn the bag over so the cut-corner is now facing your BingSu serving bowl and squeeze to pour the ice slush in the bowl.

To Make The Black Coffee Using The AeroPress Coffee Maker

(You should always follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Below is just how I use the AeroPress.)

Grind your coffee beans to medium grind (roughly setting #3 or #4 on the burr grinder).

Adjust the amount of coffee beans according to your coffee strength preference. (In the video, I used about 22 grams of coffee beans.) And of course, the roast of the coffee beans (light, medium or dark roast) will affect the strength of your brewed coffee, as well as the overall taste differences.

AeroPress Inverted Method For Brewing Coffee

Place the plunger securely into the second piece's tip, with the larger brim facing up. Using the funnel, pour the coffee grind, use the brush to add the excess grinds stuck on the funnel. Remove the funnel, and pour the hot water. (The water temperature should be just below the boiling point. Hovering around 205 F, but not 210 F or higher.) Once you fill the water to the brim, let the wet grinds "bloom" or rest for 10 seconds or so. You'll see the wet grinds kind of bubble up and then back down. Then place the metal filter on the brim. Add the black plastic filter on top of the metal filter, and twist to securely lock it in place. Using both hands, pick up the AeroPress and turn it over, gently placing the filter top on the brim of a cup. Let it rest for 2 minutes. With one hand securely holding the filter part of the AeroPress, and the other hand, slowly pressing down on the plunger until you hear the hissing sound. If I was planning on drinking this coffee, I add some hot water to it to dilute to adjust its strength. As is, this coffee is very strong, so it is great to use for baking/dessert recipes.

(The AeroPress comes with paper filters which also work fine. I prefer to use the metal filter so I can taste more of the coffee oil in my coffee.)

Bring the black coffee to room temperate and add to the blender. Turn the blender on at low speed and slowly add the ice. Repeat the same process as marked in * above.

If you do not like the taste of black coffee, by all beans, make your coffee the way you like it with heavy cream, milk, and/or sweetners.

To Make The Sugar Syrup Decoration

In a heavy bottom saute pan, add the sugar and water. Turn the stove heat to medium. Stir occasionally until the color of the liquid changes to golden brown. Then turn off the heat and move the pan off stove to let it cool down. As the liquid cools down, it will start to get thick. You want the consistency of the syrup liquid to be like that of honey. Using a fork, coat it generously and start drizzling strings of the syrup on to a parchment paper. Make all different shapes and designs as you wish. Let the designs cool down for at least 10 minutes so it hardens and holds it's shape. Then gently lift the design off the parchment paper and your syrup decoration is ready to razzle and dazzle your coffee bingsu😎

Dressing Up Your Coffee BingSu

Place your bingsu bowl in the freezer for at least 10 minutes, before assembling. Doing so will keep the bingsu slush from melting quickly.

Add the white slush into a bowl. Gently pack it down with the back of the spoon. Add a big scoop of coffee ice cream on the center of the slush. Then add the slush/clusters of the black coffee (follow instructions as marked in ** above) around the coffee ice cream. Garnish with a few espresso beans on the coffee ice cream. Then add the syrup decoration on the back side of the coffee ice cream. The final touch is adding a small sprig of fresh mint. Now, our Coffee Bingsu is ready to be devoured😋

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