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Sizzling Restaurant Style BulGoGi Recipe (Korean BBQ: 불고기) + Mukbang/Eating Show

Updated: Jan 14

I am super excited to share this Restaurant Style Sizzling, Smoking Beef BulGoGi 불고기 recipe with you! Ever wonder how the Korean BBQ restaurants make the BulGoGi platter so that it is literally singing the yummy-joys of that sizzling sound??? Well, wonder no more because I will show you how you can make your BulGoGi platter sing that happy, yummy-joyful sound at home!

When it comes to Korean BBQ, there are endless options of meat, including seafood, with or without marinades. BulGoGi (불고기) is one of the most popular Korean BBQ that are enjoyed by many. BulGoGi (불고기) literally means "Fire" (Bul 불) "meat" (GoGi 고기). It is meant to be grilled on super high "fire." BulGoGi (불고기) is also a huge comfort food in Korean cuisine. Ok, it is a high-end comfort food...:-)

This BulGoGi Recipe Video Includes:

How To Prepare & Clean Your Raw Beef

How To Shop For BulGoGi Beef

Tips On Slicing Your BulGoGi Beef

How To Make BulGoGi Marinade Sauce

How To Store & Store Your Marinaded BulGoGi Meat

How To Pan Sear & Cook Your BulGoGi

How To Enhance Taste & Season Your BulGoGi, like Restaurant-Style

How To Make Sizzling & Smoking BulGoGi Onion Platter

How To Enjoy Your BulGoGi:

- Simple ways with Korean rice & kimchi

- Wrapped in toasted seaweed with avocado, kimchi & Korean rice

- How To Make Simple BiBimBap Bowl (with BulGoGi, scrambled egg, avocado cubes, grilled onions, kimchi, shredded lettuce, torn toasted seaweed, GoChuJang/Korean Red Pepper Paste & sesame oil)

BulGoGi Mukbang: BulGoGi Tasting/Eating Show

Below you will find the following information:

- Other suggested Modern Pepper video recipes

- Ingredients

- links for ingredients and suggested kitchen gadgets for Korean BBQ BulGoGi 불고기 recipe

- Recipe instructions

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(Serving Size: 2 Adults)

- 1 lb Sliced rib eye (but any beef meat will suffice)

Bulgogi Marinade:

- 1/4 Cup soy sauce

- 1/8 Cup mirin

- 1/2 Tbsp honey

- 1/2 Tbsp olive oil

- 1/2 Tbsp miso paste

- 1/2 Tsp garlic powder

- 1/4 Tsp freshly ground black pepper

- 1/4 Tsp of sesame oil

- 2 to 3 Fresh garlic cloves chopped

- 2 Stalks of green onions/scallions, green part only (finely chopped)

Sizzling Platter:

1/2 Medium/Large Onion (sliced)

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Tbsp Water

Seasoning Enhancement:

1 Tbsp Water

1 Tsp Beef Dashida (beef bullion powder)

AMAZON.COM Ingredients & Recommended Kitchen Gadgets For Korean BBQ BulGoGi 불고기

(CLICK on the links below to view the item, NOT the pictures!)

All-Clad 7112NSR2 MC2 Professional Master Chef 2 Stainless Steel Bi-Ply Bonded Oven Safe PFOA Free Nonstick Fry Pan Cookware, 12-Inch, Silver

Sizzling Plate for Steak, Fajita, Bulgogi, Galbi, Korean BBQ Sizzler - Premium Ceramic (12" Dia, Large)

Lodge LFSR3 Cast Iron Fajita Set, Pre-Seasoned

It is very common that you have your BulGoGi with lettuce wrap with a Korean condiment called Ssham Jang. You can make this by watching the Lettuce Wrap video above OR buy it.

Chung Jung One Sunchang Seasoned Soybean Paste (Ssamjang)

Chung Jung One Sunchang Hot Pepper Paste Gold (Gochujang)

CJ Dashida Soup Stock Beef Flavor 2.2LBS (1KG)

by CJ Foods, Inc.

Hikari Organic Miso Paste

Kishibori Shoyu (Pure Artisan Soy Sauce), Premium Imported Soy, unadulterated and without preservatives

Kikkoman Soy Sauce

Kikkoman Manjo Aji Mirin, 17 fl oz

Ohsawa Genuine Mirin, Organic Sweet Rice Seasoning Wine for Traditional Japanese Cuisine, Aged over 9 Months for Umami Flavor

Simply Organic Ground Garlic | Certified Organic

Kadoya 100% Pure Sesame Oil 5.5 oz

Ottogi Premium Roasted Sesame Oil, 10.82 Ounces

100% Pure Raw & Unfiltered Honey - Kosher Certified

Olive Oil Greek medal winner

Zoe Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.5 FL. OZ. tins (Pack of 2), Organic Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spicy World Peppercorn (Whole)-Black Tellicherry

COLE & MASON Capstan Wood Pepper Grinder - Wooden Mill Includes Precision Mechanism, 12.5 inch

Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Wüsthof Twelve Piece Block Set

Wusthof Classic 7-piece Slim Knife Block Set

Outdoor Grilling Gadgets For Cooking BulGoGi

#1 BEST Vegetable Grill Basket - BBQ Accessories for Grilling

Grill Pan, Grill Topper Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill Accessories

WolfWise Portable BBQ Grilling Basket 430 Stainless Steel Removable Wooden Handle

BBQ Masters Heavy Duty 4 Piece BBQ Grilling Tools Set - Extra Thick Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Accessories

Korean BulGoGi is ideally enjoyed with freshly cooked Korean rice. Please watch the video above on How To Make Korean Rice. BUT if you are in a pinch, you can try these microwavable Korean rice. It comes out tasting like it was just freshly made. Super delicious!

CJ Hetbahn Cooked White Rice, Gluten-Free, Vegan

CJ Cooked Budding Sprouted Brown Rice


Marinading The Meats:

- If you don't live near a Korean market to purchase the pre-sliced rib eye beef, freeze the meat for 30 minutes (or until half frozen) before slicing the meat at home.

- Presoak the sliced beef in a big bowl with cold water (completely submerged) for 5 - 10 minutes.

- Using a colander, let the pre-soaked meats drain naturally for 10 minutes (do not squeeze out the excess water).

- Using a large bowl, mix the marinade ingredients thoroughly.

- Add your meat and thoroughly coat all the sliced meats. (I prefer to use my hands to mix, wearing Korean disposable kitchen gloves.)

- Store the marinaded meets in your refrigerator overnight (12 hours). If you are pressed for time, let it marinate for an hour in the refrigerator or 30 minutes on your kitchen counter. (Make sure to double bag or store in an air-tight container.)

- For freezing the marinaded Bulgogi for future consumption, please make sure to double/triple bag your marinaded meats in smaller portion sizes for our traditional Korean and non-traditional recipes.

Cooking Your BulGoGi Sizzling Restaurant Style:

- Use a non-stick frying pan. Set the heat to high at first, add 1 tbsp of olive oil and lightly sear the meats on high heat (2-3 minutes/light brown marks on the meat), then lower the heat to medium. (On another stove, set it to high, and place the sizzling plate and preheat for 2 to 3 minutes.) Turn over the meat and finish cooking for 2 to 3 minutes. Use your chopsticks to break up the meat. Set the stove heat to low and add the Beef Dashida powder, mixed in with a Tbsp of water, to the pan and mix well for 30 to 60 seconds. Turn off the heat.

- Once the sizzling plate is heated to super high temperature, turn on your exhaust fan, lower the stove heat to medium, add 1 Tbsp of olive oil, sliced onions, 2 Tbsp of water and cover with a large lid. (If you don't hear the sizzling sound when you add the onions, it means that you didn't preheat the sizzling plate to be hot enough.) . 60 seconds later, remove the lid and mix the onions around. You should see some grill marks on the onions. Turn the stove heat back to high. Then add the cooked BulGoGi on top of onions. Make sure to add all the BulGoGi juices to the sizzling plate. Garnish with some green onions. Now, it is ready to impress your lucky guests that will dine on this delicious restaurant style sizzling BulGoGi.

Outdoor Grilling:

- Place the meats, if possible using Korean grilling gadgets listed above. OR layer a thick sheet of foil (poke some holes on the sheet and lay your meat down) on the hottest part of the grill. Grill for 3-5 minutes and move/turn meats around to finish cooking. See the outdoor grilling gadgets listed above.

Using Your Oven At Broil Setting:

- Place your oven shelf at the highest setting. Preheat your oven for at least 5 minutes. Lay your meat on a baking sheet (center the meats in the middle so it is directly under the broiler heat) and place directly under the broiler heat. Cook for 3-4 minutes/until you see some brown marks on the meat. Turn the meat over, and let it cook for another 3-4 minutes/until you see some brown marks.

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