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Omurice: Omelette Rice [오므라이스] How To Make Korean Omelette Rice [オムライス] Easy Homemade Omurice

Updated: Jan 14

Korean Omelette Rice is called OmuRice (오므라이스). Phonetically pronounced "O-Mu-Ra-Yee-Ssu."

Omurice is basically fried rice wrapped up in a fluffy egg blanket. I grew up eating Omurice as a treat whenever my grandmother took me grocery shopping at the local market. Back then, Omurice was simply made with a heavy drizzle of ketchup. But now, Omurice is such a popular snack food in Korea that there are specialty restaurants that specialize in Omurice, with endless options of toppings, add-ons to the fried rice, varying levels of spiciness sauces, and many options for slurry gravy sauce that is poured at the base of the egg wrap.

Today's Omurice is a classic recipe that is simple to make, with an upgrade sauce recipe from straight-up ketchup to a creamy, spicy, and tangy sauce.

🌱Includes vegetarian-friendly ingredient substitutions🌱

Below, you'll find:

Ingredient List

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Thanks for loving Korean food and cooking Korean dishes with me!

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Pounds/lbs to kg/grams

US Cups to Milliliters

Tablespoon/Teaspoon to grams

1 Tbsp = Tablespoon/큰스푼 14 grams

1 Tsp = Teaspoon/티스푼 5 ml

1 Cup 컵 = 237 ml

1 lb = 454 grams


(Serving Size: 2 Adults/2 인분)

🌱Includes vegetarian-friendly ingredient substitutions🌱

Egg Blanket/오믈렛

3 Large Eggs /큰 달걀

1 Tbsp Creme Fraiche/크림 프레쉬 (heavy cream/크림 우유, ok)

1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil/엑스트라 버진 올리브 오일 (or any oil of your choice/식용유)

1 Pinch Salt/소금

(Optional/선택적 재료: A half pinch of black pepper/후춧가루 반 꼬집)

Omurice Sauce/오므라이스 소스

1 Tbsp Ketchup/케첩

1 Tbsp Creme Fraiche/크림 프레쉬 (heavy cream/크림 우유, ok)

1/2 Tsp GoChuJang/고추장 (Korean red pepper paste)

Fried Rice/볶음밥

3 Cups Cooked Korean Rice/밥

1/4 Cup White Onion (finely minced)/잘게 썬 양파

1/4 Cup Deli Slice Ham (finely minced)/잘게 썬 햄 (🌱 minced cabbage)

2-3 Tbsp Scallions/Green Onions (finely minced)/잘게 썬 파

2 Tbsp Carrots (small cubes)/잘게 썬 당근

2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil/엑스트라 버진 올리브 오일 (or any oil of your choice/식용유)

1 Tbsp Butter/버터

1 Tbsp Red Bell Peppers (small cubes)/잘게 썬 빨간 피망

1 Tbsp Yellow Bell Peppers (small cubes)/잘게 썬 노란 피망

3 Pinches of salt (to taste)/소금 3 꼬집

1 Pinch of black pepper/후춧가루 1 꼬집

Optional/선택적 재료:

2 Tbsp Hot Water/뜨거운 물 (hot chicken or vegetable broth, ok)

1/2 Tsp Beef Dashida/쇠고기 다시다

For Garnishing/토핑 용:

Scallions cut in biased angles/파

Sprinkle of sesame seeds/깨소금

Chili Threads (less than a dozen)/실고추

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Omelette Sauce/Omurice Sauce:

Mix the ingredients together. If more spiciness is preferred, add more GoChuJang.

Egg Blanket:

Whip the 3 eggs in a large bowl, using a whisk for good 20 to 30 seconds. Add the creme fraiche and whip for another 20 to 30 seconds. (Optional: Add a small pinch of black pepper.)

Using a large, heavy bottom, non-stick frying pan. Preheat on high heat.

TIP #1: You want to use a wide frying pan that is at least 2.5x the diameter of the bowl you are using to mold the egg blanket and fried rice.

TIP #2: Do a test run on filling the bowl with 3 cups of cooked rice, and make sure the rice is almost to the brim of the bowl.

Add 1 tbsp of oil of your choice. With the stove heat remaining high, add the egg to the frying pan while whipping the egg with a whisk. Move the frying pan around to spread the egg evenly. Immediately, turn down the stove heat to medium. Pop the air bubbles with a spatula and smooth our any egg that is runny (this process should take less than 30 seconds). Turn off the stove heat completely. Loosely cover the frying pan with a sheet of aluminum foil. Let the egg rest, covered, for about 1 minute or until there is no runny egg. Using a spatula, transfer the egg to a tray. Sprinkle some salt on the egg. Cover the egg loosely with a sheet of aluminum foil, while you prepare the fried rice.

Fried Rice:

Prepare all the ingredients before starting. You want to quickly fry the rice on high heat. The entire frying process should take about 2 minutes.

Using a large, heavy bottom, non-stick frying pan. Preheat on high heat. Add 1 Tbsp of oil, add the white onions first. You should hear the sizzling sound when the onion is added. If not, you need to preheat the frying pan a bit longer. (The stove heat is remaining at high.) Add two pinches of salt to the onion, and move it around with a spatula for good 10 to 15 seconds. Then add the ham (🌱 add the minced cabbage), and move everything around the pan with the spatula for good 15 seconds. Move the ham and onions around the rim of the pan. Add 1 Tbsp of oil, and add the cooked rice. Using the spatula, break up the rice and spread it flat on the pan, and let it sizzle for good 15 seconds. Add a generous pinch of salt to the rice, and start mixing the rice with the rest of the ingredients for about 15 seconds. Add the butter and mix it well. As soon as the butter melts, add the rest of the ingredients, and mix well for about 30 seconds (lower the stove heat to medium). Optional: Add the beef dashida to 2 tbsp of hot water and mix well. Pour this mixture into the frying pan and mix well for about 30 seconds. TIP#3: If you are not planning on using the beef dashida and hot water mixture, make sure to add 2 tbsp of hot water, chicken or vegetable. Turn off the stove heat. Taste the fried rice. If you prefer a saltier taste, add more salt. Or if the rice is too salty, add some rice and mix well.

Shaping The Omurice:

Using the test-run bowl from earlier, place the egg sheet in the bowl, with the browned part facing you, and the yellow-prettier part facing the interior of the bowl. Gently fold shape the egg sheet so it is in full contact with the interior of the bowl. Add a spoonful of the Omelette Sauce at the bottom of the egg bowl. Start adding the fried rice, and gently pack it down with the back of the spoon, to the brim. Fold over the excess egg sheet so it covers the fried rice. Using a large plate, place it on top of the folded excess egg sheet. Place one hand on top of the plate and the other hand under the bottom of the bowl. With both hands securely holding the plate and bowl, flip it over so the bowl is now resting on the plate. Let the bowl rest for good 2 to 3 minutes, as is. This resting period will shape the fried rice and egg sheet into a firm round shape. Then gently and slowly remove the bowl. Garnish with adding some of the Omelette sauce on top, scallions, sesame seeds, and chili threads.

Your Omurice is ready! You can just go in with a spoon and break it apart as you eat through it OR cut it into "fried rice pie" slices😋. I always have a side of kimchi to eat with my Omurice🤗

Bon Appétit🥰

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