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Jjapaguri (aka "Ram-don" from the movie Parasite) 짜파구리 RECIPE & MUKBANG [기생충 영화] 짜파구리 레시피 + 먹방

Updated: Jan 14

Jjapaguri noodles were featured in the Korean movie "Parasite" (기생충 영화) A wealthy family from this movie enjoys a simple instant noodle dish with an upgraded recipe by adding high-quality beef, SIRLOIN STEAK! This noodle dish was also referred to as "ram-don."

JjaPaGuRi (짜파구리) = Chapagetti Instant Noodles (짜파게티) + Neoguri Instant Noodles (너구리)

Today's Jjapaguri recipe uses julienned cold-cut ham, instead of sirloin steak. Personally, I prefer NOT to use my $25 plus grass-fed sirloin steak on instant noodles🤣😭😂 But do check out the instructions below on how to prepare and sear the sirloin steak cubes, if you wish to use it for today's dish. FOR MY VEGETARIAN FRIENDS, you can make this delicious instant noodle dish using loads of vegetables, which is included in today's video recipe.

Time Codes For Today's JjaPaGuRi Recipe & Mukbang Includes:

1:14 A brief overview of Parasite movie, which inspired this dish & 2 other recommended Korean films

3:28 Korean Instant Ramen Review (Chapagetti 짜파게티, JjaJangMyeon 짜장면 & Neoguri 너구리)

7:17 Ingredients Review

8:00 Cooking Demo

11:00 Mukbang JjaPaGuRi Eating Show/Mukbang (짜파구리 먹방)

Below You'll Find:





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(Serving Size: 1 to 2 Adults)

1 Package JjaJang Myeon Instant Noodles

1 Package Neoguri Instant Noodles

1 Cup Starch Water From Cooking The Noodles

1/2 Cup or 1 Slice Of Julienned Cold-Cut Ham *(additional options below)

1/3 Cup Minced White Onions

1/3 Cup Sweet Peas

1/3 Cup Minced Carrots

1 Scallion (finely minced)

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Pinches Kosher Salt

1 Pinch Black Pepper (15-20 turns on peppermill)

*Protein Choices

Steak cut into 1" cubes, less than 1/2 lb

1/2 Cup Ground Beef (lean) or Turkey

1 Slice Turkey Cold Cut (1/2 Cup julienned)

Spam (julienned, less than 1/3 Cup, since this is salty)

2 Cooked Bacon Strips (cut into thin strips)

Vegetarian Option: 1 Small Portobello Mushrooms (1" Cubes)

Additional Ingredients

A large mixing bowl with ice and water

Movie Links (click to view each item)

Korean Instant Ramen Links (click to view each item)

⭐️Alternatively, you can use SHIN RAMEN (BLACK, preferably for the extra broth powder packet) instead of Neoguri.

Additional Ingredients & Suggested Kitchen Gadgets

Non-Stick Frying Pans 14"

More Korean Noodles Video Recipes (click to watch)


If using steak cubes, add two pinches of Kosher salt and one pinch of black pepper (freshly ground is preferred). Gently mix well using your hands to ensure that all sides of the steak cubes are coated with the salt and pepper. Using a heavy bottom frying/saute pan, preheat at high heat for at least three to five minutes. You want your pan to be scorching hot that you'll see smoke once you add the steak cubes. TIP: Add a drop or two of water to your pan. If the water droplets disappear in right away, with sizzling evaporation, then your pan is properly heated for your steak. If the droplets are kind of hanging out and saying "Hello" to you, as it takes 5 seconds or longer for it to evaporate. Then this means, your frying pan is not ready for your steak. Make sure to turn the stove fan on before adding the steaks to the pan. Now, if you are using steak with lots of "marble" (fat grains), then you don't need to add oil to the pan. The fat from the steak will immediately release into the pan and create its own fat to cook in. If you are using a lean cut, then add 1 Tbsp of oil to the steak cubes and mix well. Once the frying is ready, add the steak cubes. Try to leave some space between each cube. The secret to searing your steak is NOT touching or moving the meat around once you add it to the pan. Let is sear on high heat for at least 2 minutes. Once you see a crusty dark brown mark on your steak, then it is ready to be turned over. Repeat until all sides of the cubes are seared with crusty 'chocolate color like' marks. Quickly transfer the seared steak cubes to a plate and let it rest, while you follow the steps below. TIP: If you prefer to have your steak cubes well done, turn off the stove heat and cover the frying pan with a lid and let the steak cubes "steam" for 3 minutes. Then quickly transfer to a place and let the steak cubes rest. This resting period allows the natural juices inside the steak to retract and keep the meat moist.

If using ground beef or turkey, follow the steps above. Try to cook the ground meat into chunks with seared marks. You do not need to cook the ground meat all the way at this point. The chucks of the ground meat will finish cooking when you add to the saucepan later on. (Discard any fat from the ground meat.)

If using portobello mushroom cubes, follow the same steps as above (with olive oil), but sear them for less than one minute on each side or until dark brown sear marks take place.

If using pre-cooked stips of bacon, steak cubes or portobello mushrooms, add them to the saucepan when you add the half-cooked noodles.

(Preheat your non-stick frying pan.) In a large size non-stick frying pan, add the olive oil, onions, salt, and black pepper. Saute on high heat for 1 minute, while moving the onions around the pan, using a spatula. The stove heat remains high while sauteeing. Once the noodles are ready, turn down the stove heat on this frying pan to low.

In a medium-size pot, fill with water 2/3 and bring to boil. Add both noodles to the pot. Make sure the noodles are submerged under the water. Stand over the pot and make sure to stir the noodles occasionally. The stove heat remains high. Approximately, two minutes later, the noodles should be "half-cooked" (still somewhat hard or too chewy to eat). This is when you want to quickly transfer the noodles to a large bowl filled with ice and water. Using a tong, pull up the noodles in and out of the noodles to quickly bring down the temperature of the noodles.

Return to your frying pan, and bring the stove heat back up to high. Add the carrots and 1 cup of the starchy water from the pot. Then quickly add the instant ramen powder and sauce packets. Mix well and let it cook on high heat for about 1 minute. Then pull out the noodles from the ice-bath bowl to the frying pan. Add the sweet peas and scallions to the frying pan. Quickly mix the noodles with the rest of the ingredients in the frying pan. The heat remains high. Once you see that most of the liquid has reduced to a thick consistency, your JjaPaGuRi is READY!

TIP: Once these Jjapaguri noodles are cooked, it gets bloated super fast, in matter of minutes. So enjoy these noodles right away. I highly recommend having these noodles with Kimchi and Korean pickled radish (NoLanMu 노란무/DanMuJi 단무지)

If you have not seen my Kimchi recipe (Small Batch Recipe, No Intimidation, Easy To Follow Instructions), please check it out. Making Kimchi isn't that hard. It is more like making a fancy salad and with my clear instructions, you, too, can make delicious and AUTHENTIC kimchi at home😋

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