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Korean Soy Sauce Beef Side Dish Recipe with Garlic & Shishito Peppers [DELICIOUS] 소고기 장조림 🇰🇷밥도둑 반찬!

Updated: May 22

HEARTY Korean Beef Side Dish that you can enjoy as a main entree! This soy sauce broth is so YUMMY that you can mix it with warm Korean rice and enjoy it as a simple bibimbap with the soy sauce braised beef and crunchy green pepper/KwariGoChu/꽈리고추 (aka. Shishito peppers).

🇰🇷밥도둑 반찬! 쉽고 맛있는 소고기 장조림 레시피입니다. 너무 맛있어서 밥 2공기 뚝딱😋

Soy Sauce Braise Beef: SoGoGhee-JangJoRim 소고기 장조림

SoGoGhee 소고기 = Beef

JangJoRim 장조림 = Soy Sauce Braised

Below you'll find the following:

Ingredient List

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Recipe Instruction

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1 teaspoon 작은 술 = 5 ml

1 tablespoon 큰술 = 1/2 fluid ounce, 15 ml, 15 cc

1 Cup 컵 = 128 grams

1 lb = 450 grams


Serving Size: 4 - 5 Adults

2 LB (910 grams) Beef Brisket (or flank steak)

4 Cups 컵 Water 물

1 Scallion 쪽파

½ Cup 컵 Jin Soy Sauce 진간장

⅛ Cup 컵 Mirin 미림

1 Small Dashima 다시마 작은 조각 (optional)

6 - 8 Peppercorns 통후추

1 Tablespoon 큰술 Brown Sugar 흑설탕

12 Garlic Cloves 마늘

6 - 8 Kwari GoChu 꽈리고추 (aka. Shishito Peppers)

CLICK on the blue timestamp for recipe demonstration

00:00 Intro 인사말

00:57 Beef Prep 쇠고기 준비

01:23 Beef Boiling 쇠고기 삶기

02:16 Soy Sauce Beef Braising, Part 1 쇠고기 조림

03:36 Vegetable Prep 야채 준비

05:30 Soy Sauce Beef Braising, Part 2 쇠고기 조림

08:53 Beef Shredding & Slicing 소고기 장조림 손질

10:18 Tasting/Eating Show 먹방

Step One

Flash Blanching The Beef 소고기 데치기

Cut the beef into big chunks (make sure the chunks are similar in size).

  • 2 LB (910 grams) Beef Brisket, Beef Shank or Beef Flank (OR use any cut of beef that is very lean)

  • FYI - JangJoRim is made with using the toughest cut of beef with no marbling

Place the beef chunks into a medium size pot and fill with cold water, just enough that the beef is submerged under water.

On high stove heat, wait for the water to start boiling. Then cover the pot with the lid, and lower the stove heat to medium. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Then quickly strain the beef chunks and rinse with cold water to remove any blood residue on the beef. You'll also notice the brown blood reside around the wall of the pot. This flash blanching is to remove the excess blood from the beef so that our JangJoRim broth will be clear.

Clean the pot and add the rinsed flashed blanched beef chunks to the pot.

Step Two

Soy Sauce Braising 간장조림

Add the following ingredients to the pot of flash blanched beef chunks, and set the stove heat at high.

  • 4 Cups 컵 Water 물

  • 1 Scallion 쪽파 (fold in half)

  • ½ Cup 컵 Jin Soy Sauce 진간장

  • ⅛ Cup 컵 Mirin 미림

  • 1 Small Dashima 다시마 작은 조각 (optional)

  • 6 - 8 Peppercorns 통후추

Once the liquid start boiling, add the lid, and lower the stove heat to medium. On medium heat, simmer for 40 minutes.

40 Minutes Later 40분 후

Pull out the scallion and dashima from the pot. You can discard these or add 2 - 3 big spoons of warm Korean rice to a bowl (chop up the scallion and dashima with kitchen shears) and mix it all up. Enjoy as a small snack😋

Add the following ingredients to the pot.

  • 1 Tablespoon 큰술 Brown Sugar 흑설탕

  • 12 Garlic Cloves 마늘 (cut into halves)

Mix well and move the beef chunks around the pot. Cover with the lid and lower the stove heat at low. Simmer for 10 minutes.

Step Three

Adding Crunchy Peppers To The Broth 아삭아삭한 꽈리고추

Remove the ends of the peppers by peeling off the stem seals, as shown at 04:22 of this JangJoRim video [CLICK HERE].

  • 6 - 8 KwariGoChu 꽈리고추 (aka. Shishito Peppers)

  • For a spicier taste, use jalepeno or serrano peppers instead

KwariGoChu is typically mild in its spiciness (maybe 1 out 12 might be the rare spicy one). Adding KwariGoChu adds a refreshing peppery taste to the JangJoRim broth. If you are not a fan of green peppers or spiciness, just 1 or 2 KwariGoChu to add that subtle peppery taste.

Then using a skewer, puncture each pepper about 3 to 4 times. Places these punctured peppers into a heat-safe glass container. Then pour everything in the pot to the glass container. You can eat the JangJoRim right away, but letting these punctured peppers blanch and soak in the hot broth will enhance the flavor of the soy sauce broth. As these peppers soak in the broth, it will absorb the soy sauce broth within, so when you go to take a bite of the peppers, your mouth will be greeted with delicious soy sauce au-jus filled crunchy KwariGoChu😋. Literally, food-heaven in your mouth!

Step Four

To Shred or Slice The Beef

You can enjoy the JangJoRim beef as is, without shredding or slicing them, but typically. Beef JangJoRim is served shredded or sliced into bite size pieces.

Once the beef has cooled down enough to handle. Just start pulling the beef along the meat grain lines. OR simply slice the beef (against the meat grain lines) into bite size pieces.

Store the JangJoRim beef in its soy sauce broth with the KwariGoChu peppers and blanched peppers. Keep in the fridge as you eat through it. JangJoRim is enjoyed both warm or cold.

Now, once you are done eating through the beef, peppers, and garlic, you will be left with the soy sauce broth. DO NOT THROW AWAY this delicious broth. I save the broth to have as another meal by adding a generous amount of the soy sauce broth to a bowl of warm Korean rice, then add roasted seaweed crumbles and a light drizzle of sesame oil. Mix them all up, and enjoy a simple bibimbap with a side of kimchi...SO SIMPLE and yet SO DIVINELY DELICIOUS😋

NOW, not all Asian rice are the same. Korean rice is uniquely delicious in its own way. WATCH my tutorial in making Korean rice at home⬇️. But if you are in a pinch, you can default to this cooked microwave Korean rice:

Bon appétit😋

🫵YOU🫵 can make Soft & Fluffy RICE at home! Korean Rice COMPLETE TUTORIAL 🇰🇷촉촉한 맛있는 밥짓기

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