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Korean Royal Court Stir Fried Rice Cakes (Gungjung-tteokbokki: 궁중떡볶이) w BulGoGi 불고기 Royal Tteokbokki

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

TteokBokki (떡볶이) is commonly known as the Spicy Rice Cake dish. BUT the original TteokBokki dish is GungJung TteokBokki (궁중떡볶이), made with soy sauce. It is a "fancy" version of the Spicy Cake TteokBokki. Unlike the spicy version, GungJung TteokBokki does not use spicy sauce or GoChuJang (Korean Red Pepper Paste). Instead, it uses BulGoGi or Galbi, hence the "fancy" version. This dish was an upscale gourmet dish that was served at the Korean Royal Palace/Court, dating back to the Joseon Dynasty (대조선국). Hence the name Royal-Court TteokBokki.

Since the modernization, the spicy TteokBokki version gave birth to its supreme popularity with the use of more economical ingredients (i.e. fish cakes and spicy GoChuJang sauce). BUT this GungJung TteokBokki dish is still popular as a special-occasion meal. This dish is also ideal for those that do not fancy spicy foods, giving him/her the YUMMY opportunity to enjoy and savor all the glorious tastes and joys of having TteokBokki...soft and chewy rice pasta just melting hitting That-Pasta-Spot...:-) I made this non-spicy TteokBokki dish for my young children and they are absolutely hooked. Now, I need to slowly introduce them to the spicy version.

I am super excited to share this recipe with you! Think of this dish as Non-Spicy Korean Gnocchi Dish w/ BulGoGi or GalBi.

If you have not seen my Spicy TteokBokki (떡볶이) with ramen noodles RaBokki (라떡볶이), WATCH IT. Includes, BONUS RECIPE (using the leftover tteokbokki sauce to make spicy rice and mandu/dumpling paella...SUPER YUM!), please check it out.

라떡볶이 + 떡볶이 만두 볶음밥

Spicy Korean Rice Cake (Tteokbokki 떡볶이) + Ramen (Ra bokki 라떡볶이) + Spicy Fried Rice w/ Mandu/Dumplings

Cheese TteokBokki | Spicy Cheese Rice Cake Recipe + Mukbang/Eating Show - 치즈떡뽁이 Korean Fusion

Below, you will find the following:

Ingredient List

Online links to purchase the ingredients and suggested kitchen gadgets for this recipe.

Recipe Instructions

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(Serving Size: 4 to 6 Adults, depending on portion size)

- 2 lbs. TteokBokki Thuk/Dduk (use any shape/cut of your choice)

- 1 lb. BulGoGi or GalBi (substitution option, chicken or mushroom BulGoGi) - Watch my BulGoGi or GalBi video recipes. I usually make a big batch of BulGoGi and GalBi, and freeze them into 1 lb. bags so I can use it for dishes such as this GungJung TteokBokki

- 6 Fresh Shitake Mushrooms (sliced thick)

- 1/2 Medium Onion (sliced thick)

- 2 Scallions/Green Onions (cut at a biased angle)

- 2 Fresh Garlic Cloves (finely minced)

- 1 Sweet mini pepper each: Red, Yellow or Orange (seeds removed and julienned)

- 2 Cups Boiling Water

- 3 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- 2 Tbsp Mirin (Rice Wine)

- 1 Tbsp Korean Beef Bouillon Powder (Beef Dashida)

- 1 Tbsp Butter

- 1/2 Tbsp Miso

- 1/2 Tbsp Honey

- Sesame Seeds (garnishing)

- Scallion, green-part only, sliced at a biased angle (garnishing)

- A few pinches Kosher Salt

- 10 Turns on the pepper mill Freshly Ground Black Pepper

For my vegan/vegetarian friends, substitute boiling water with boiling vegetable stock. And of course, omit using Beef Dashida. Links For Ingredients & Suggested Kitchen Gadgets

(CLICK on the links below to view the item, NOT the pictures!)

Yuki Toppogi Rice Cake


Korean Rice Cake, Rice Ovaletts - 2 Packs


Hikari Organic Miso Paste


Ohsawa Genuine Mirin, Organic Sweet Rice Seasoning Wine for Traditional Japanese Cuisine, Aged over 9 Months for Umami Flavor


Kikkoman Manjo Aji Mirin, 17 fl oz


Sesame Seed Salt


Dasida Beef Flavor Soup Stock


For my vegan/vegetarian friends: Swanson Organic Broth, Vegetable, 32 oz. Resealable Carton (Pack of 12)


For my non-beef friendly friends: Swanson Organic Free-Range Chicken Stock, 32 oz. Cartons (Pack of 12)


Olive Oil Greek medal winner


Zoe Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.5 FL. OZ. tins (Pack of 2), Organic Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Kosher Salt




COLE & MASON Capstan Wood Pepper Grinder - Wooden Mill Includes Precision Mechanism, 12.5 inch


Tramontina Professional Aluminum Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan, 14"


All-Clad 7112NSR2 MC2 Professional Master Chef 2 Stainless Steel Bi-Ply Bonded Oven Safe PFOA Free Nonstick Fry Pan Cookware, 12-Inch, Silver CLICK HERE:

Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife


Wüsthof Twelve Piece Block Set


Wusthof Classic 7-piece Slim Knife Block Set



To Make The GungJung Royal Court/Palace TteokBokki:

Presoak the packaged TteokBokki Thukk/Rice Cake in cold water for 10 - 15 minutes. This presoaking process is to resuscitate and rehydrate the packaged Tteok/Rice Cake that has hardened from being vacuum sealed. (If you are using the freshly made TteokBokki Tteok/Rice Cake from the Korean market, you do not need to presoak.)

In a large non-stick frying pan (always preheat first):

- Add 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil, sliced mushrooms, 2 pinches of salt (less than 1/4 Tsp), and 10 turns on the pepper-mill (less than 1 pinch). Saute on high heat for about 1 to 2 minutes on the first side OR until golden brown. Turn the mushrooms over to the second side and saute until golden brown (turn down heat to medium). You do not need to cook the meat all the way. It will finish cooking later when we add it back to the frying pan. Transfer the mushrooms to a plate and let it rest.

- Using the same frying pan (on medium heat), add 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil, sliced onions, 2 pinches of salt (less than 1/4 Tsp) and 10 turns on the pepper-mill (less than 1 pinch). Saute for about 1 to 2 minutes OR until translucent/sweaty-clear. Transfer the onions to a plate and let it rest.

- Using the same frying pan (on super high heat), add 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil and saute the BulGoGi or GalBi for about 2 minutes OR until you see some brown marks on the meat/seared marks (as shown in the video). Once you see some brown marks on the meat (seared marks), turn over the meat and lower the heat to medium. Let it cook for another 1-2 minutes or until you see some seared marks. (You do not need to cook the meat all the way. It will finish cooking as we add other ingredients.)

For my vegan/vegetarian friends, once you sear (or until golden brown) the Mushroom BulGoGi on both sides, let it rest with the sauteed onions. Remember to follow the directions on my BulGoGi video recipe about cutting the mushrooms thick. Instead of using water, replace it with boiling vegetable stock. Add the pre-soaked Tteok once you see the broth bubbling. Follow the instructions below.

For my non-beef friendly friends, replace the boiling water and Beef Dashida with Chicken Stock. And of course, use Chicken or Pork BulGoGi instead, which is included in my BulGoGi Video Recipe.

BulGoGi (불고기) In 5 Ways Video Recipe (Beef, Pork, Chicken & Mushroom)

Pour the boiling water to the frying pan with the BulGoGi or GalBi. (Keep the heat on high.) Add the Tteok that has been soaking in the water to the frying pan. Then add the garlic, mirin, honey, miso, and Beef Dashida. Mix well using a big spoon and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes. Lower the heat to medium and add the remaining ingredients (butter, julienned sweet peppers, scallions, sauteed onions, and mushrooms). Mix well and let it simmer for a good minute.

Transfer the GungJung TteokBokki immediately to a serving plate. (If you let it "rest" on the hot frying pan, it will continue to cook and the Tteok will get soft/bloated. Ideally, the Tteok should be just "reheated" when we cook our dishes, so that it is soft on the outside and yet, chewy on the inside. Remember, Tteok comes already cooked whether you are buying it in vacuum-sealed bags or freshly made from the Korean market.

Add some sliced scallions (green part only) and sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds for garnishing. Now, your GungJung TteokBokki is ready to be served Royal Court/Palace Style at home for your family and friends. ENJOY...:-)

Remember to take a photo of your creation and share it on your social media and TAG @ModernPepper. I would love to see your Royal Court - GungJung TteokBokki creation!

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