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Refreshingly Light & Delicious SoJu (소주) Mojito Cocktail Recipe - Modern Pepper Video #28

Interested in a light refreshing Mojito cocktail to sip on while kicking back on a lazy summer afternoon??? Well, you came to the right place. SoJu Mojito is my cocktail to go when I just need that "refreshing" escape from my kiddie-meltdown world. This SoJu Mojito recipe is super simple and easy to make! You can also make this in pitcher size and leave it out for your guests to enjoy at your next BBQ party.

And, if you never heard of SoJu (소주) before, well, it become your Cocktail BFF. It is far less in alcohol compared to the popular spirits. (SoJu is about 15% alcohol proof.) AND it has that clean, smooth, and refreshing after taste. Lastly, SoJu will make your wallet happy, too. It is far more economical than the popular spirits, but it will equally makes me "happy," as when I consume the expensive/super strong spirits.

For more about SoJu:

You will find the following below:

- YouTube Video: Soju Mojito Cocktail - Modern Pepper video #28

- links for suggested cocktails gadgets for this recipe

- Ingredient List

- Recipe Instruction

- Other SoJu Cocktail Video Recipes

- Where to purchase Soju Chamisul Fresh in the Bay Area & Online retailers

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US legal drinking age is 21. Please drink responsibly. Product Links: Suggested Cocktail Gadgets & Syrup

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YouTube Video: Soju Mojito Recipe - How To Make Soju Mojito (Soju Cocktail 소주 칵테일) - Modern Pepper video #28


(Serving Size: 16oz Cocktail)

3 x 1.5 oz Chamisul Soju

3/4 oz Simple Syrup (add more to your taste)

1/2 oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice

15 Large fresh mint leaves

6-8 Ice cubes


In a cocktail shaker (glass or stainless steel), add 10-12 large fresh mint leaves, SoJu and bruise the mint leaves using a muddler. Gently press up & down on/stomp on the leaves for 15 seconds. Add the simple syrup, lemon juice and 3-4 ice cubes to the cocktail shaker. Securely place the other cocktail shaker and shake (with both hands on the shakers) for 10-15 seconds. To unlock the two cocktail shakers, gently tap the larger cocktail shaker rim on the edge of your kitchen counter. This gentle tap should release the pressure lock releasing the shakers. Now, using a straw, have a sample taste of the cocktail to ensure that it is sweet enough for you. If you prefer it sweeter, add more simple syrup. In a large pint glass, add a large ice cube or 3-4 regular size ice cubes, and place the conical mesh cocktail strainer on top. Place the cocktail strainer on the shaker with all the ingredients. Then pour the shaker content through the conical mesh cocktail strainer. The cocktail liquid should now be lightly yellow and green. Then top off the rest of the glass with club soda. (For a sweeter taste, top off with tonic water or Spirite.) Using a second glass or shaker, gently pour the cocktail into the glass. Repeat pouring back and forth between two glasses, twice. Then using a cocktail spoon, add 3-4 large fresh mint leaves to the cocktail, and push down the leaves to the 2nd lower half of the cocktail glass. You can also make this cocktail in a big pitcher and leave it out for your guests to enjoy at your next party!

Cheers! And happy SoJu Mojito Time...:-)

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Where to purchase Soju Chamisul Fresh in the Bay Area & Online retailers:

If you can make it to a Korean supermarket, you'll be able to purchase Soju at great prices. Most will also carry mega-size bottles that are great for big parties. And in my opinion, purchasing a six pack bottle is the most economical. Please see below for Korean markets in the bay area.

Now, if you don't live near Korean markets, you can order Soju from online retailers (check if you they ship to your state). Below are 2 online retailers that came up under Google search. (I have not ordered soju from online retailers.)


(Click on the hyperlinked names below)

San Francisco

- Woori Market

- First Korean Market

Unlike the mom-and-pop Korean markets in San Francisco, the markets outside of SF are GIANT size Korean supermarkets.

- Oakland: KP Asian Market

- Daly City: Kukje Supermarket

- Sunnyvale: Hangook Supermarket

- San Jose: H Mart

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