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Soju Shots W Fresh Lemon Droplets: Lower-Alcohol Korean "Vodka" - Video #16

There are so many ways to enjoy Soju. This particular way of adding fresh lemon droplets is my favorite. The freshness of the lemon droplets adds a sweet taste (not sugary taste) that rounds out the flavors of soju.

I prefer to serve my soju chilled. The older generation (my grand parents) prefer to have it at room temperature. Perhaps, they grew up enjoying it at room temperature since refrigerators were not common during their generation.

To prepare your fresh lemon droplets, take the lid of your soju bottle (be careful as the edge is sharp) and place it at one end of the lemon. Push the lid into the lemon by turning the lid. Once the lid is halfway into the lemon, starting turning the lid at an angle, until you carve out the lemon end stuck inside the lid. Discard the lid and the lemon piece inside. Gently massage the lemon in your hands, and slowly squeeze the lemon droplets into your chilled soju shot glass. And just ENJOY!

Please see below (end of the this page) for information on where to purchase Soju in the bay area and online.

(US legal drinking age is 21 years old. Please drink responsibly.)

For more on Soju, check out

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Youtube Video

Soju: Korean Distilled Spirit Served w Fresh Lemon Droplets - Video #16

(CLICK on the links below to view the item, NOT the pictures!)

Korean SOJU Shot Glass Set (8)

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Soju is commonly consumed neat over meals and snacks. Below are some the dishes that are commonly enjoyed with soju, but any favorite Korean dish of your choice can be enjoyed with soju. Although I have not seen Koreans enjoying soju with dessert...:-)

Kimchi Stew Video Recipe

Korean BulGoGi (BBQ Marinade For Beef, Chicken, Pork & Mushroom) Video Recipe

Sizzling Kimchi Fried Rice Video Recipe

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Scallop Patties (pancakes) Video Recipe

US legal drinking age is 21. Please drink responsibly.

Where to purchase Soju Chamisul Fresh in the Bay Area & Online retailers:

If you can make it to a Korean supermarket, you'll be able to purchase Soju at great prices. Most will also carry mega-size bottles that are great for big parties. And in my opinion, purchasing a six pack bottle is the most economical. Please see below for Korean markets in the bay area.

Now, if you don't live near Korean markets, you can order Soju from online retailers (check if you they ship to your state). Below are 2 online retailers that came up under Google search. (I have not ordered soju from online retailers.)


(Click on the hyperlinked names below)

San Francisco

- Woori Market

- First Korean Market

Unlike the mom-and-pop Korean markets in San Francisco, the markets outside of SF are GIANT size Korean supermarkets.

- Oakland: KP Asian Market

- Daly City: Kukje Supermarket

- Sunnyvale: Hangook Supermarket

- San Jose: H Mart

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