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Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts...HURRY!

Avoid the drama of late-gifts. With Amazon Prime, the gifts can arrive before Mother's Day.

(Limited gift viewing on mobile. Desktop is best to view all the gift items listed below.)

For Her! Da Best Mom Ever...:-)

Inexpensive necklaces that will mean the world if your child gave it to you for Mother's Day...:-)

These UGG Robes are super comfortable and high quality! I had these for a over a year and they survived the washer and dryer fine. Still so soft, cozy and warm to put on in the early mornings and late at night.

Yup, we all need it. Bath Time Alone With The Doors LOCKED SHUT. Bring the speakers in and play it loud so it drowns out all the door knocking from your family...:-)

Ceremonial Korean Tea & Tea Set Gift Ideas: Click here to view my blog "Korean Tea & Tea Set" and learn How To Serve Korean Tea.

For many of us that brave the cold, wind, and heat sitting countless hours on the bleachers! I have this folding stadium arm chair. It really and literally saves my butt from icing up and getting muscle pain from sitting on the wet and cold bleachers. AND you can lean back so your back can finally relax, instead of hunching over for hours. Yup, the faithful YETI will keep your drink cold or hot for hours. AND why not read up on some whiskey...:-) Enjoy your favorite whiskey in these crystal glasses. You, ABSOLUTELY, deserve it. Plus, when you come home, you'll need to warm up your frozen body from sitting out in the cold for hours, watching your darling little one's game...:-)

In my opinion, CHI products are worth the investment. You can dry your wet hair super fast, and the flat iron, well you have to try it to believe it. CHI Shampoo and Conditioners are luxurious. It is a treat for my damaged and dry hair.

For skincare gift ideas, click here to view my blog, "Many Have Asked: Here Is My Skincare Regimen"

For Athletes & Runners! You can finally leave the house hands free, without phones or music gadgets. These earbuds actually holds up to 1,000 songs, in addition to bluetooth and other capabilities.

Do I need to say more on why moms would love these gadgets???

If you live in a household where you consume rice regularly, this is a sure thing! I bought my Cuckoo Induction Heat Electric Rice Cooker 5 years ago and I have it ON 7 days week. It still works like new. It really makes great rice, including brown rice, other grains, and beans (without having to presoak the dried beans). In my opinion and also that of my aunts in Korea, Cuckoo is the premiere brand for rice cooking machines. It keeps the rice moist even days later. My favorite function is the TURBO command that cooks the rice in less than 8 minutes (even brown rice and dried beans)! I normally don't believe in gifting kitchen gadgets as presents for moms, BUT this one is an exception! I actually asked for Cuckoo Rice Cooker as my Mother's Day gift 5 years ago...:-)


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