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Korean Tea & Tea Set

Serving Korean tea is a great way to entertain your guests. It is a special treat to have Korean tea in its proper tea set. A bit of ceremonial experience is fun, with not much fuss involved. An opportunity for a quality teatime with family (even little kids, too!) and friends. AND, it is also great to serve when you need your guests to sober up before they leave your house!

AND makes for a great gift for anyone that loves tea! With Amazon Prime, you can have it delivered just in time for Mother's Day...:-)

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I personally love the White Tea Set below for its crackling look/finish to the porcelain.

Teaset Korean White Crazing 1 Teapot 5 Cups Sookwoo Studio Made

Celadon Teaset Korean 'Arabesque' Gift Boxed/Teapot+5 Cups+sookwoo/Hand-made

Set of 2, Porcelain Tea Cup with Infuser and Lit Set - Korean Ceramics Coffee Mug Celadon Teacup Loose Leaf Tea Brewing System for Home Office

Set of 2, Porcelain Tea Cup with Infuser and Lit Set - Korean Ceramics Nature Style Coffee Mug Teacup Loose Leaf Tea Brewing System for Home Office

Hankook Tea Mulberry Leaf Tisane, 0.71 Ounce

Hankook Tea Persimmon Leaf Tisane, 0.71 Ounce

Korean Sweet Dew Tea / Hydrangea Leaf Tea - 30g

Korean Roasted Cassia Tora Seeds Tea (Gyeolmyeongja Cha) - 100g (loose tea)

These are the steps I take when serving Korean tea.

1. Always preheat your tea set with hot water. Fill the teapot and tea cups with hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. Drain out all the water and gently wipe off excess water with a towel.

2. Add your loose tea leaf in the pot. The amount depends on how strong or weak you prefer your tea. For me, I add 2 full Tbsp of tea to the pot.

3. Boil your water until you start to see bubbles forming on the bottom of the pan. (You do not want to add scorching/steaming/boiling hot water to your tea.) The ideal temperature is between 160-180 degrees F.

4. Fill the teapot (w tea leaf inside) to the top, cover the lid, and wait 10 seconds. Then drain out all the water. This is to open up the tea leaves and "wash" away any impurities and bitterness from its first flash steeping.

5. Fill the teapot (w tea leaf inside) to the top, cover the lid and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. While your tea is steeping, add some hot water to the serving bowl (1 bowl that is bigger than the sipping cup) and the tea cups. (For individual serving teacups, follow the same step.)

6. Slowly pour your tea from the teapot to the serving bowl. Then from the serving bowl, you serve your guests in the small sipping cup. (For individual serving teacups, slowly remove the inner filter and let it rest on the lid. Then simply enjoy.)

7. These teas are so high in quality that you can steep it again and you'll still enjoy the flavors. It will definitely taste milder but still so satisfyingly soothing.

8. It is best to hand wash these tea pots and cups with warm water, and simply just wipe off with a towel. Mild soap can be used to remove lipstick stains but unnecessary otherwise.

I also like to serve traditional Korean snacks with Korean tea. These two are as old-school as it gets when it comes to Korean snacks.

Korean Traditional Snack Yakgwa Sweet Honey Cookies

Korean Traditional Glutinous Rice Sweet Yoo Gwa Cookies

Happy Tea Time...:-)



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